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U002 The Administrative Commission For the Coordination of Social Security Systems Insurance Record Article 61 of 883/2004 Article 54 1 of 987/2009 Number of attachments Date sent. Sending Institution Country code Institution code Institution Name Street Town Postal code Region Country Phone Fax Email Receiving Institution 1. Case numbers 2. Person 2. 1. 1 Family name 2. 1. 2 Forenames 2. 1. 3 Birth date 2. 1. 4 Sex Female Male Unknown 2. 1. 7 If you have the Personal Identification Number of...
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................................................... 1. Filling the Insurance Record in the Computer. The Insurance Record on the DSS computer system uses electronic information and codes (IDC, C-IDs etc.), in accordance with Article 10 of the IT-5/T-IS/EC-10:2014 Annex for the Social Security Administration (Filing and Accessing a Social Security Record on the Computer System of the Social Security Administration) , to determine whether an object has been modified after the date of its inclusion in the computer system. If an object has been modified after the date of its entry into the computer system, the object remains in the Insurance Record on the DSS computer system. In the case of an object, an object is an account number or the related data, such as information provided under the terms of a retirement program, on a card, in a book, a note, or, for personal accounts, in a document or in a piece of documentation. An object can relate to the following: (1) an account number which is used by the object holder on other accounts (the reference account number), (2) a piece of information on an account number, or (3) information, such as information concerning the existence or non-existence of an account, which is provided by the entity. For example, an object is a social security account number which is being used by a beneficiary to apply for another social security account number. The DSS computer program stores the information contained in the Insurance Record on the DSS computer system by using a database in which each insurance number is stored, and in which the information relating to each entry in the Insurance Record, in the form of a reference code or IDC, is stored. The reference code or IDC and all other information in the Insurance Record on the DSS computer system is stored on the data storage device to which the information is originally uploaded. The insurance number is stored in the database according to the date (from which it was originally uploaded) and also according to the type of object (reference or object) it refers to. For the purposes of the provisions of Article 55 of the IT-5/T-IS/EC-10 Annex in respect of the Administration of Insurance (Administration, Collection and Processing of Information as regards the Administration of Insurance), the reference and object data is considered to be stored in a single database.

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